Straight, Indwelling Foley, Coude, & Closed System Catheters

Comfort Medical provides urinary catheters from the industry’s top brands, to meet every catheterization need. Catheters are used to drain urine from the bladder when a patient cannot urinate or whose bladder fails to empty completely during urination. Catheters are vital devices for spinal cord injury patients, but can also be useful for those dealing with incontinence, degenerative conditions such as dementia and multiple sclerosis, and men with urinary issues brought on by prostate enlargement or surgery.

Our extensive inventory of gentle, soft, kink-resistant catheters includes a wide selection of sizes in the following styles:

  • Straight Catheters: These sterile, single use catheters are ideal for patients with intermittent catheterization schedules.
  • Indwelling Foley Catheters: These units are designed to remain in the bladder for a few weeks at a time. The balloon at one end, when filled with sterile water, prevents the catheter from slipping out of the bladder.
  • Coude Catheters: These units are meant for a single use on an intermittent schedule. They are designed with a slight curve at the tip for insertion past urinary tract obstructions, such as enlarged prostrates in men.
  • Closed-System Catheters: These catheters are completely sterile and are designed to prevent contact with bacteria when being placed. A closed-system catheter is particularly useful in patients who suffer frequent UTIs.
  • External Catheters: These units are designed for male patients and are rolled onto the penis similar to a condom. A collection bag attached to the end captures urine. An external catheter can be worn continuously.

Our Catheters

We have assisted thousands of customers nationwide! Our goal is to provide quality care and support for all catheter-related needs. Each of our urinary catheters, from Straight to Closed System, come with a satisfaction and quality guarantee to ensure that your catheter will serve all of your cathing needs without any additional worries. Each of our catheters come from the most trusted names in quality medical supplies to ensure optimal performance from every catheter we provide.

We offer free enrollment for all new customers while handling all of the complicated insurance paperwork to expedite you through the process. Shipping is free, and we send your catheters in a discreet box right to your front door! When it is time for an order refill, our agents will contact you with a reminder to relieve you of any stress that comes with keeping track of the days.

Comfort Medical is one of the fastest-growing catheter and ostomy supply companies in the United States. Put your trust in the right people so you’ll always have the products you need when you need them, without hassle!

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