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Choose between popular catheter brands

We offer all the major brands

We offer catheter supplies from several manufacturers, including Bard, Coloplast, Cure Medical, Hollister and Rochester Medical. We are constantly evaluating the products we provide to ensure we offer the best products for your needs.

Products for your unique needs

Our product specialists will contact you and/or your healthcare provider directly to understand your situation and verify that you are receiving the right amount and types of catheters so you will never run out.

Can I get my usual brand?

Most likely, yes. We carry a wide selection of different brands and if we don’t have yours, we will be happy to help you find a good alternative.

Comfort Medical offers:

MyComfort - a personalized delivery and support program for people using catheter products.

Reliable delivery
Reliable delivery
We discreetly deliver your prescribed products and notify you via email, phone, or the RM app for reorders. Additionally, we collaborate with your doctor and assist with insurance matters.
Personalized support
Personalized support
Our Patient Consultancy Team delivers continuous personalized support. Routine self-assessments and courtesy calls aid in identifying any product concerns.
Coloplast Care
Coloplast Care
We provide additional product and lifestyle education and support through Coloplast Care which provides you with access to inspirational and lifestyle education and resources via email.

We are eager to help you with the best solution

The bladder's job is to fill, store and empty urine. But when the bladder has trouble storing or emptying urine, or both, intermittent catheterization (IC) may be required. Intermittent catheterization mimics the bladder's natural rhythm allowing the bladder to fill and empty, thereby providing several advantages and health benefits.

Urine naturally fills the bladder when the walls of the bladder relax. When the bladder becomes full, IC is used to completely empty the bladder at regular intervals throughout the day. This prevents urine from remaining in the bladder.