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Comfort Medical offers reliable, free and discreet home delivery of your urinary catheter supplies

You can trust us to provide you with a wide selection of urinary catheters as well as reliable on-time delivery. We work closely with your doctor and deliver directly to your door. Medicare and most insurance plans covered.

We also provide ongoing support through personalized, practical and emotional support you may need to navigate through your intimate healthcare need.

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MyComfort™ - a personalized delivery and support program for people using urinary catheter products

Free home delivery
Free home delivery
We discreetly deliver your prescribed urinary catheters and notify you via email, phone, or the Comfort Medical app for reorders. Additionally, we collaborate with your doctor and assist with insurance matters.
Friendly product specialists
Friendly product specialists
Our Patient Consultancy Team delivers continuous personalized support, routine self-assessments and courtesy calls help in identifying any product concerns.
Personalized support
Personalized support
We offer additional product and lifestyle education, granting you access to inspirational resources and lifestyle tips via email.

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Comfort Medical is my supplier of choice because their customer service is simply excellent!! I never worry about running out of catheters. Comfort Medical takes care of everything for me Comfort Medical has done great things for me. If I have a question or I can’t understand something they’re always there to help me. Everybody is so polite and helpful. I would never go to another company. I would recommend this company to anybody that I know

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We look forward to becoming your trusted partner for your medical supplies. By enrolling with us, you can take the first step towards a better life with catheterization.

No matter how far you are on your path to recovery, getting used to life with catheters is a journey. However, you don’t have to travel this journey by yourself – we are here to help you.

Experience our effortless process, product knowledge and personalized support. Let’s find the right catheter supplies for you!