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You can choose between a wide selection of different high quality brands. Our top three include: Coloplast, Hollister and ConvaTec. If we don’t have your usual brand, we'lll be happy to find you a good alternative.

No extra cost and quick delivery

It is free to sign up and we offer free delivery. We are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances. Your expenses are covered by 70%-100%, but we will clarify this with your insurance. From ordering till you get your ostomy supplies it will only take up to 3 days.

No paperwork

We do all the work so you don’t have to! No more paperwork or waiting in line at the pharmacy. Comfort Medical fills out all necessary insurance forms and bills Medicare or private insurance on your behalf.

Individualized program

We’ll make sure you receive the best products for your unique needs. therefore we take our time to understand your situation. In addition, Comfort Medical can contact your doctor directly.

Choose between any Ostomy brands

We offer all the major brands

We offer ostomy supplies from Coloplast, ConvaTec, and Hollister. We are constantly evaluating the products we provide to ensure we offer the best products for your needs.

Products for your unique needs

Our product specialists will contact you, your doctor, and your physician directly to understand your situation and verify that you are receiving the right amount and types of ostomy supplies so you will never run out.

Can I get my usual brand?

Most likely, yes. We carry a wide selection of different brands and if we don’t have yours, we will be happy to find you a good alternative. Our top three brands are: Coloplast, Hollister and ConvaTec.

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How will I get my ostomy supplies?

Contact us or let us contact you

Understand your benefits and clarify your needs. Our telephones are open 24 hours a day and we pick up the phone within 30 seconds.

Choose the type of brand

You choose the brand, or the brand you prefer, or let us find another alternative.

We’ll do the paperwork

Comfort Medical contacts your doctor and insurance company and fills out all necessary forms on your behalf.

Free delivery

Your ostomy supplies are delivered to your doorstep regularly and discretely, within three days. The best news - shipping is free.

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Get to know the types of ostomies

Ostomy Supplies

Get a discreet and private solution, with colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy pouches that will affect your everyday life the least.

A colostomy refers to a surgically created opening into the colon through the abdomen. Its purpose is to allow the stool to bypass a diseased or damaged part of the colon. This procedure can in some cases be reversible depending on the circumstances.
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A surgically created opening to drain urine in cases where your urinary system or bladder is either diseased or damaged and therefore is not able to pass urine normally. This then allows urine to flow out of the body after the bladder has been removed or bypassed
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A section of the small intestine and large intestine (colon) have been removed or bypassed. This is performed when the end part of the small intestine or the large intestine is diseased. Feces is then collected in a pouching system, since the stoma then has no muscle to control.
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Free home delivery
Free home delivery
We offer free and discreet home delivery of top brand name products.
Worry-free process
Worry-free process
We get your prescription from your doctor, bill your insurance directly and handle all paperwork.
Superior customer service
Superior customer service
We provide you with personalized support and education when you need it.